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Celebrating the Arts of the Blook

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Deadline for Entries, 10/31/2015


Dos-a-dos limp vellum tacketed binding model.


Interpretation of, Mandatorum Exitus, 1589, Lelio Buccapadulio Camerari, a 1579 Italian limp tacketed ledger style binding. Interpretation is based on a ledger created by the Canonici Sancti Petri, the priests who celebrate in St. Peter’s. The "Camerarius / Camerlengus,” or administrator in this case was Lelio Buccapadulio. The register records the payments, receipts, and other information for the celebrations of the Cononici Sancti Petri for the years 1587-1590.

Full limp vellum dos-a-dos binding; first textblock sewn on 3 alum-tawed leather thongs with secondary sewing onto 2 split leather thongs; second textblock of individually sewn pamphlets in paper wrappers with vellum spines; pamphlets sewn onto 2 slit leather thongs; both textblocks secured into wrappers with vellum tackets; leather ties at fore-edges held in place with tackets. 23 x 16.5 x 7 cm. Bound 2011.

The binding was created for the “Limp bindings from the Vatican Library" exhibition curated by Monica Langwe.

Images of the creation process can be viewed here.


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