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Boxes & Enclosures:

Boxes and enclosures of different types can be constructed to protect your books, prints, drawings, photographs, and other objects from the environment, light damage, dust, and excessive wear. Materials can include: paper, cloth, leather, or any combination thereof. We also make unique hand-colored pastepapers and can work with other special materials of your choosing. We also make unique picture frames, desk accessories, and other presentation items.

While "under construction," click here to see examples of bindings.

Types of Enclosures:

  • Phase boxes: simple folder-stock enclosure made of creased folder stock. Most used by libraries for materials which warrant minimal protection.
  • Portfolios: Hard cover with flaps, covered in  of materials. Depending on size, flaps can be either hard or soft.
  • Drop-spine boxes: Also known as clamshell boxes these are the preferred storage for rare books. For special presentation boxes consider a leather cover, rounded spine with gold tooling.
  • Boxes for storing ephemera and special presentations. These can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes covered in any number of materials and combinations thereof.
  • Picture frames and desk accessories.

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