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Book & Paper Conservation:

With years of hands-on experience in the conservation of rare books and paper-based materials, research libraries and for collectors, we will ensure that your valuables will continue to survive into the future.

All items received at Philobiblon are carefully inspected. The results of this inspection will be described in a written report and all options discussed with the client. Only the highest quality of materials and techniques are used. Where feasible, all pieces of the original binding be reused.

While "under construction," click here to see examples of treatments.

Typical Treatments

  • Simple page repairs and binding consolidations using Japanese paper, dyed to match.
  • Rebacking: Repair of spine with all necessary repairs to textblock and cover using Japanese paper, cloth, leather, or parchment dyed to match.
  • Rebinding:
    • Textblock sound: Consolidate and make new cover
    • Sewing weak: Pull sections; mend folds; resew; recover; recover in appropriate material such as paper, cloth, leather, vellum.
  • Full treatment:
    • Pull sections; wash/deacidify; mend folds and tears; resew; recover in appropriate material such as paper, cloth, leather, vellum.
  • Tooling and titling using genuine gold fold or leaf, blind or colored foils where appropriate.

For more information, please contact us to discuss the needs of your piece.

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