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Edition Binding:

Based on years of experience in the binding and conservation of bindings on a production basis, we are able to create multiples ranging fro 2 to 100 of a given work to your specifications using the finest in craftsmanship and materials. Patrons making use of this service have included individuals, vanity and fine presses, all of whom wanted a finely crafted and aesthetically pleasing work at a moderate price.

Using traditional hand binding techniques, our edition bindings differ from from mass-produced and "library-bound" books in feel, proportions, quality of materials and structure, making them more visually appealing and unique.

If you would like to have your next edition bound by us, please contact us at the onset of the design process. We can help with developing the structure of the book and will work closely with your printer or publisher to create a book in which all pieces fit and work in harmony. Areas to consider are the choice and weight of paper, size of signatures, structure and materials for the binding. 

Books can be bound in paper (hand/machine made, marbled, paste), cloth, leather, parchment or a combination of materials. Various edge treatments are available, and endbands can be hand-sewn or made of a contrasting leather, paper or cloth. Other options are the titling and tooling of the spine and/or covers.

If you elect to have your edition bound by us, we will work with your printer to construct a prototype using your choice of materials. This will allow us to fine-tune the structure and make final design changes, ensuring a product we will all be pleased with. 

While "under construction," click here to see examples of bindings.


  • Full leather with accordian
  • Paper with leather edging accordian
  • Paper case (millimeter / Rebow) binding with leather trim along top and bottom.
  • Full cloth

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