Design Bindings by Peter D. Verheyen.

Board Book Structure; covered in full black clansman goat with onlays of red oasis goat and calf with laserprint; housed in television shaped box with cutout front to reveal decor of binding; box covered in full black goat with wood, wire and acrylic. "Dummy binding" inserted into box to give overall sense of work while book is removed. Bound 2000. Collection of the Binder.

Concertina Structure; boards covered in full Niger goat; onlays of chagrin and oasis goat, and frog; housed in hinged and cut-out slipcase in oasis leather and veiney calf vellum; title and represented words beneath vellum. Bound 1998. Collection of the Binder.

Concertina structure; boards covered in full veiney calf parchment; decor beneath parchment and leather onlaid in relief with chicken feet. Bound 1998. Collection of Bird Press.