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The Bookmaker Network is a collaborative electronic resource center for locating recently published writing about artist's books -READ-, viewing a revolving -GALLERY- of artist's bookworks, and for obtaining information on book arts bookmarks, places, and things -BOOKBLOCK-.

We welcome comments on the pages, notification of recent publication news, web links or submission of bookwork, and material for inclusion in the BookBlock. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

NOTE - 7 April 2000:
This site is now being maintained as part of the BOOK ARTS WEB in its original state. As one of the first sites dedicated to the book arts, we felt it fitting that it should be preserved. Existing links will be maintained, but no new ones will be added. For additional resources please go to the BOOK ARTS WEB.

See Byron Clercx's new BookFountain Page
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Last modified 7 April, 2000