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Bibliography - Marbling

Originally Compiled by Dolores Guffy
Additions by Book_Arts-L subscribers

The following is by no means a complete list of marbling books, but most are available (I have these in my private collection). When I first started researching marbling in 1978 there was very little current references...most references dated from the late 1800's. Needless to say, publications have multiplied immensely in the last 20 years. As with most things, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, so beware. The compiler of this bibliography is not responsible... 

Please send any additions / suggestions to Peter Verheyen.

Titles arranged alphabetically by author.

Akers, RC. Marbling, Dryad Leaflet, Dryad Press, Leicester, 1st ed., 1976, 15 pp. (Photographs, procedures, tools and materials)

Berry, Galen. Learn the Art of Marbling. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: self-published, 1991. 11 pages

Bolton, Claire. The Compton Marbling Pattern Book., Winchester 1986. 48p

Bolton, Claire with Davies, Katherine. Payhembury Marbled Papers. Winchester 1987. 48p

Bolton, Claire. Maziarczyk Paste Papers. 1991, Oxford. 54pp

Bolton, Claire. Compton Marbling Portfolio of Patterns. Oxford 1992. 19ff

Chambers, Anne. The Practical Guide to Marbling Papers. London: Thanes & Hudson, 1986. 88 pages.

Chambers, Anne. The Principal Antique Patterns of Marbled Papers. Burford, Oxfordshire: The Cygnet Press, 1984. 25 pages.

Chambers, Anne. Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling. London: Thames & Hudson, 1991.

Cockerell, D. Marbling Paper, Publ. Russell Bookcraft, Hitchin, Herts; Printed by Helfers Printers Ltd, Cambridge. (contains two samples of Cockrell paper patterns.)

Cockerell, Sydney. Marbling Paper: Bookbinding as a School Subject. 3rd Ed., Hitchin, England: G.W. Russel & Son, n.d., 16 pages.

Cohen, Daniel & Paula. Marbling on Fabric. Loveland, Colorado: Interweave Press, 1990. 94 pages.

Doizy, Marie Ange and Ipert, Stephane. Papier Marbre: son Histoire et sa Fabrication. Editions Technorama, 1985.

Easton, Phoebe Jane. Marbling: A History and a Bibliography. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1983. 190 pages.

Fox, Polly. Marbling on Fabric. Taos, New Mexico: Fresh Ink Press, 1990. 40 pages.

Frigge, K. Marmeren Op Papier. Cantecleer bv, de Bilt, 1982. 47 pp. Stiff wrappers, color illustrations. Part of a series of craft books. ("Dit is een uitgave in de serie 'Werken en spelen".) It is a practical craft book, not an academic study, although various historical patterns are labelled. The color illustrations are wonderful and informative, whether one has knowledge of the language or not.

Grunebaum, Gabriele. How to Marblize Paper. New York: Dover Publications, 1984. 31 pages.

Guyot, Don. Suminagashi. An Introduction to Japanese Marbling. Seattle: The Brass Galley Press, 1988. 22 pages.

Halfer, Josef. The Progress of the Marbling Art. Buffalo, New York: Louis Kinder, 1883. 243 pages. (Facsimile edition, Fresh Ink Press Taos, New Mexico, 1989.)

Haemmerle, Albert. Buntpapier Herkommen Geschichte Techniken Beziehungen zur Kunst. Munchen: Verlag Georg D. W. Callwey, 1961. 251 pages.

Heijbroek, J. F. and T. C. Greven. Sierpapier, Marmer-, Brocaat- en Sitspapier in Nederland. Amsterdam, De Buitenkant, 1994. 158 pages.

Kantrowitz, Morris. The Process of Marbling Paper. Washington: GPO- PIA Joint Research Bulletin, Bindery Series No. 1, 1948. 10 pages.

Loring, Rosamond. Decorated Book Papers: Being An Account of their Design and Fashions. Cambridge: Harvard College, 1942. 171 pages.

Mauer, Diane Philippoff and Paul Maurer. An Introduction to Carrageen and Watercolor Marbling. Centre Hall, Pennsylvania: Self-published, 1984. 24 pages.

Diane Maurer. Making Paste Papers. Self-published, 1992. 3" x 4" hand bound accordion with paste paper covering and with tipped in paste paper samples

Mauer, Diane Vogel with Paul Maurer. Marbling: A Complete Guide To Creating Beautiful Patterned Papers and Fabrics. New York: Crescent Books, 1991. 119 pages.

Maurer-Mathison, Diane. Decoratve Paper. New York: BDD Illustrated Books, 1993. 120 pages.

McKay, B (Ed.). Marbling - Methods and receipts from Four Centuries with other Instrcutions useful to Bookbinders. Plough Press Oxford and Oak Knoll Books Delaware, 1990, 85 pp, 18 paper samples. (Contains specimens of Halfers Marbling Inks, and marble papers by Don Guyot, Nedim Soemnez, Karli Frigge, Sarah Amatt, Geert van Daal, Katherine Davis and Iris Nevins.) ISBN 0 902813 13 7 (UK), 0 938768 21 2 (USA)

Medeiros, Wendy Addison. Marbling Techniques. New York: Watson- Guptill Publications, 1994. 144 pages.

Miura, Einen. The Art of Marbled Paper: Marbled Patterns and How To Make Them. New York: Kodansha International, 1990. 153 pages.

Nevins, Iris. Fabric Marbling. Sussex, New Jersey: Self-published, 1989. Nevins, Iris. Traditional Marbling. 2nd ed. Sussex, New Jersey: Self-published, 1988. 35 pages.

Nevins, Iris. 105 Helpful Hints for the Marbler. Sussex, New Jersey: Self-published, 1990. 25 pages.

Nevins, Iris. Varieties of Spanish Marbling. 1991, 1993. Hardbound, 12 original tipped-in samples of Spanish Marbling First ed.Bird & Bull; current edition Nevins, Johnsonburg, NJ. 79 pages.

Quilici, Piccarda. Carte Decorate nella Legatoria del '700 dalle Raccolte della Biblioteca Casanatense. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, 1989. 281 pages.

Norma Rubovits. Marbled Vignettes. Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles. 1992. Printed letterpress by Patrick Reagh. The binding is designed by Norma Rubovits and bound by Ann Repp. The type is Monotype Bembo and the paper is Arches Text Wove. Regular edition of 100, 35 copies contained in a box with 5 matted examples of marbled vignettes

Schleicher, Patty & Mimi. Experience the Magic of Marbling. Marbling Secrets and Recipes. Asheville, North Carlina: Ironwood Productions (Video demonstration of marbling), 1994.

Schleicher, Patty & Mimi. Marbled Designs: A Complete Guide to Fifty- Five Elegant Patterns. Asheville, North Carolina: Lark Press, 1993. 144 pages.

Schleicher, Patty. Oil Color Marbling. Weaverville, North Carolnia: Self-published, 1984. 8 pages.

Sonmez, Nedim and Jackle-Sonmez, Yvonne. Ebru Turkish Marbled Paper. Tubingen: Verlag Jackle-Sonmez, 1987.

Sumner, James. The Mysterious Marbler. North Hills, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 1976. [first published 1854, reprinted 1976 with additional contents] 68 pages.

Taylor, Carol with Patty Schleicher, Mimi Schleicher, and Laura Sims. Marbling Paper & Fabric. New York: Sterling, 1991. 128 pages.

Weiman, Christopher. Marbling in Miniature. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1980. 18 pages.

Weimann, Ingrid and Nedim Sonmez. Christopher Weiman: (1946-1988) A Tribute. Tubingen, Germany: Jackle-Sonmez, 1991. 107 pages.

Wolfe, Richard J. Marbled Paper its History, Techniques, and Patterns. Philadelphia: University of Pensylvania Press, 1990. 245 pages.

Woolnough, C.W. The Art of Marbling as Applied to Book Edges and Paper... with a brief notice of its recent application to textile fabrics. London: Alexander Heylin, 1853. 80 pages.

Woolnough, Charles. The Whole Art of Marbling. 3rd. ed. London: George Bell & Sons, 1881. 82 pages.

Yagi, Tokutaro. Suminagashi-zome. Ttranslated by Kyoko Muecke, with wood engravings by Rik Olson and 12 marbled samples by Robin Heyeck, printed letterpress on handmade paper and bound in marbled silk. The Heyeck Press, Woodside, California. For more information on this book: Robin Heyeck, The Heyeck Press, 25 Patrol Court, Woodside, CA 94062.

Originally Compiled by Dolores Guffy, May 29, 1997, revised June 2, 1997.

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