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Robert S. Rosenzweig

A MORAL FABLE-TALK by Arthur Golding, translated from the 1586 Latin edition, illustrated by Marcus Cheerairts, etchings dated 1579. Arion Press, San Francisco, CA, 1987.

Hollow back Bradel binding sewn on vellum tapes exposed at the joints and bound in vellum with the spine of the vellum skin seen on the front cover. Board sheets of Japanese paper with real gold laid on.

HUCKLEBERRY FINN by Mark Twain, illustrated by E.W. Kemele, 1884. Charles L. Webster and Co., New York, NY 1885, first edition with 174 illustrations. Binding monotypes by Regina Kirschner-Rosenzweig.

Traditional French tight back binding sewn on tapes laced into boards. Covering is Harmatan Nigerian tie-dye goatskin representing the plants on the river’s edge. Fly leafs of the same leather.

Three monotypes by Regina Kirschner-Rosenzweig are incorporated into the book and its enclosure: a view of the river inside the drop back box; a portrait of Huck at the beginning of the trip is the recto doublure; a portrait of a more mature Huck at the end of the trip is the verso doublure.

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