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Initiated in 2004, The Bonefolder's Bind-O-Rama challenge and online exhibition have become an annual event. In them professionals and those new to the field have explored the techniques featured in The Bonefolder and more.

Bind-O-Rama 2020
Fish Skin Binding: Piscatorial bindings of a different kind

Now Online! Click Image to View.


Bind-O-Rama 2015

Click Image to View


Bind-O-Rama 2014
Anything goes to celebrate 20 years Book_Arts-L

Click Image to View

Bind-O-Rama 2013
Historic Cut-away Binding Structure Models

Click Image to View


Bind-O-Rama 2012 -
The Bone Folder
by Ernst Collin

This year's event features bindings on The Bone Folder by Ernst Collin, as translated by Peter D. Verheyen.

Click Image to View


Bonefolder Bind-O-Rama 2011 -
Artistically Reversible: Where Conservation and Art Meet

Click Image to View


Bonefolder Bind-O-Rama 2010 -
The Thread That Binds by Pamela Leutz

Click Image to View

 link to Bonefolder Extras & link to Bonefolder


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