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Arnold Grummer Presses: Papermakers and book artists appreciate the professional finish and even pressure Arnold Grummer's presses deliver to handmade papers and books. The QuikNip is aesthetically pleasing, yet robust and proven to hold up well in daily use with students and staff in the Syracuse University Library’s Department of Preservation and Conservation. I highly recommend it, and not just because I helped develop it. It'll be great for students, amateurs, workshop situations, and with professionals as an additional press, because one can never have enough.

Large Book & Paper Press
Standard Book & Paper Press

The QuikNip (above) was designed with bookbinders in mind.
Click image for details and more images.

Jeff Peachey Knives and Bookbinding Tools: Fine handmade paring and lifting knives, type holders, and more.

Pergamena: Pergamena Handmade Parchment is the leading domestic producer of quality deerskin, goatskin, and calfskin parchment. Made at the Meyer Family Tannery in Montgomery, NY, Pergamena offers the finest quality at reasonable prices, with the advantage of reduced shipping rates and briefer delivery times.


  • NEW Andersen's Binding Supplies: In Sydney, Australia.
  • Art Boards: Type high Maple woodcut blocks and end grain wood engraving blocks.
  • Art Engraving Co.: produces letterpress cuts, male and female embossing dies, injection molding dies, foil stamp dies, and pantograph masters.
  • Atlantic Leathers: Atlantic Leather is a family-run tannery, specialising in the production of exotic fish leathers from four different varieties of fish. In more than 20 years of producing fish leather, we have acquired the expertise to deliver almost any colour, texture or finish you can think of!
  • Atlantic Papers: Exclusive importers of Hahnemühle and Velké Losiny papers.
  • Bauer Engraving Company, Inc.: Bauer Engraving has been providing engraving services to the printing industry since 1928. We offer a wide selection of letterpress printing plates, cork branding dies, chocolate molding dies, foil stamping dies, embossing dies, chocolate coin imprinting dies and many more! In Rancho Cordova, CA.
  • Bindery in a Box: A complete book binding solution. Developed by Dea Sasso, this device combines a sewing frame, laying press, plough, and nipping press into one device.
  • Bindery Equipment: Bindery Tools, LLC specializes in every aspect of 19th century book bindery tools and equipment. Whether you are looking for replacement parts, repairs or completely remanufactured machinery, we can be of assistance.From book presses, Kensols and board shears to lying presses, job backers, page holders and much more, we have the know how to accomodate your unique needs.
  • Bone Folder: Committed to becoming the leading provider of customized teflon bone folders. Wholesale and retail. Made by Akkra, Inc.
  • Bookbindesigns: Specializing in designing and engraving bookbinding tools, brass type, pallets, brass rolls and from artworks supplied and bespoke designs. With our state of the art engraving machines we are able to offer other services such as brass engraving, brass dies for hot foiling, laser engraving, steel dies, wood and any other bespoke engraving you may require.
  • Bookbinding Tools: Piotr Czołczyński, maker of custom brass bookbinding tools. In Poland with Etsy store.
  • Historic and modern book clasps in brass and other metals made by a jeweler.
  • Web-Shop von Buch-Kunst-Papier/Sascha Boßlet: Fine papers, bookbinding, and calligraphy supplies. In German.
  • Buchbinderei Müller: Handmade clasps, corners, and other metalwork in brass.
  • Campbell-Logan Bindery: Vendor for fine Japanese book clothes. Bought out Johnson Bookbinding. Located in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Chester Creek Press: Fine Press Books and Hand Crafted Bookbinding Tools.
  • Classroom Publishing: Book making kits created especially for kids and busy K-12 teachers
  • Colophon Book Arts Supply: Now in Bloomington, IN. Specializes in marbling, suminagashi and bookbinding supplies.
  • Commercial Services, Suppliers, etc.: From CoOL.
  • Contenti Jewelry Making Supplies: Offering a wide selection of metal working tools, beading supplies, and jewelers tools.
  • Creative Papers Online Handmade Paper: Offering over 1,700 varieties of handmade paper, scrapbook paper, skeleton leaves, handmade paper journals and notebooks.
  • The Creative Zone: Tour the Zone, where you can select a papercraft or book arts class to take, choose a papercraft kit to order, check out our one-of-a-kind artistbooks to purchase, share our creative sources to be inspired, or just find out more about us.
  • Dalesway Design & Print: UK based supplier of hot staming machines and foils.
  • Dennis Ruud: Teflon bonefolders, fine goose quill pens and more.
  • Dolphin Papers: Seller of fine papers. In Indianapolis, IN.
  • Thomas J. Duffy Cabinetmaker: Finely crafted wooden bookbinding equipment.
  • Ecological Fibers: a world leader in supplying ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND, 100% SOLVENT FREE Cover Materials to the Book, Decorative Packaging, Photo Mount, and CD/Multi-media Packaging industries.
  • Eden Workshops - A Bookbinders Resource. Here you will find free tutorials, learn at home DVD's, equipment and materials.
  • Eifeltor Mühle: A mail-order service for handpapermakers and paperartists. We offer raw materials (fibers), tools such as fine papermaking moulds and presses, additives, pigments and a selection of books on papermaking.
  • Ernest Schaefer, Inc: Hot stamping machines, type, and book cloths
  • Eytzinger Gold Leaf Factory: Gold and silver leaf, foils, and many other gilding supplies.
  • Falkiner Fine Papers: Suppliers of Paper and Hand Bookbinding Materials & Tools. Part of the Shepherds family in England.
  • The Fiebing Company: Makers of alcohol (spirit) based leather dyes.
  • Fine Cut Precision: Bookbinders finishing tools and brass type. Also custom tools from your artwork. In England.
  • Flaxart: Artist's supply catalog.
  • Gane Brothers & Lane, Inc.: The foremost supplier of cover materials, linings, product components and equipment to the bookbinding, looseleaf, trade binding and printing industries.
  • Gaylord Brothers: Vendors of high quality supplies for book repair, rehousing, interleaving...
  • GMW Gabi Kleindorfer: Geräte, Material und Werkzeuge für Papierrestauratoren. Tools, equipment, and supplies for paper conservators and binders. In Germany.
  • Graphic Products Corporation: Wholesale suppliers of "Black Ink" Creative International Papers with
    over 700 imported decorative papers available and "Wyndstone" Papers with nearly 200 papers from around the world.
  • Hamburger Buntpapier: Custom historic pastepapers for conservation and other uses made by Susanne Krause.
  • Harmatan Leather, Ltd.: Manufacturers of fine goatskin and calfskin bookbinding leathers.
  • J. Hewit & Sons, Ltd Homepage: Pages contain their new newsletter Skin Deep.
  • Hiromi Paper International: High quality Japanese papers at competitive prices. 
  • Hock Tools: Makers of fine woodworking tools and blades many of which can be adapted for bookbinding.
  • Hollander's: Paper arts... bookbinding... lots of workshops... unique papers. Also has great tips section for doing your own projects.
  • Impress Rubber Stamps: Rubber stamp images and products.
  • Japanese Paper Place: "Worlds largest" selection of Japanese papers.
  • John Neal Books: supplier of books on binding, calligraphy, papermaking and more. Publisher of Letter Arts Review and Bound & Lettered.
  • Kwikprint Manufacturing Company: Provides industry standard quality hot-stamping equipment for your every need.
  • Lamination Station: Suppliers of binding equipment, laminating machines, rotary trimmers and more.
  • The Leather Connection: Leather goods related resources and supplies.
  • Lee Valley Tools: Sellers of fine woodworking and other tools adaptable to a wide variety of uses.
  • Lehmann Bindery: Handbindery and vendor of binding supplies.
  • Shanna Leino: Studio artist with a fascination for the many forms of the book. She works in her shop, and manufactures a small yet exquisite line of hand tools including bone folders, awls, and more, for bookbinders and craftspeople.
  • McMaster-Carr: Source for almost any imaginable piece of hardware or raw material.
  • Modern Postcard: Affordable, high-quality postcards of your artwork from slides.
  • Mohawk Papers: Manufacturers of high quality archival papers for letterpress, offset printing, and more.
  • Oak Knoll Books: One of the best sources for books on books, binding, typography...
  • OWOSSO GRAPHIC ARTS: Photo-engravers and die makers. Online ordering capability, great customer service. In Michigan.
  • P & S Engraving: Brass finishing tools and type. Also custom tools from your artwork. In England.
  • Paper Access: New York based vendor of specialty papers.
  • Offering an extensive collection of handmade paper, exotic decorative paper and fine art papers from around the world. Paper Arts has gathered a unique variety of competitively priced art papers in a wide array of styles, colors and textures to embrace the artist in you.
  • PaperConnection International: Fine Art Papers from around the World.
  • Paper Source Bookbinding: Based in Chicago.
  • PaperDirect: largest selection of pre-designed papers, software templates, special foils, and more, more, more!
  • Paper Origins: Distinctive and exclusive handmade papers at an exceptional value. Our decorative papers are presented in a style that encourages artists and paper lovers to have fun selecting papers for their creative projects.
  • Pella Engraving Co.: Photo engraving, metal-etching, and die-making. In Iowa.
  • Perkament Z.H. de Groot: Parchment/Vellum and exotic skins. Site in Dutch/English. In the Netherlands.
  • Polistini: Polistini´s goal is to supply the conservation field with specialized, high quality archival materials. We want to provide the customer with the information on how to use and handle the materials sold based on our knowledge and training as conservators.
  • Nacho Ponce: Manufacturer of parchment and leather goat tawed vegettable in chagren and all types of skins in parchment and alumtawed.
  • Port Jefferson Artist Colony: "America's source for art supplies."
  • Postcard Printing Digital Color: An online postcard printing company that is dedicated to provide clients with top-notch and professional postcards quickly and inexpensively.
  • Rio Grande Jewelry Making Supplies: Everything for creating, manufacturing and displaying fine jewelry. An excellent source of tools and supplies for making clasps, jewelled bindings...
  • Russell Fine Leathers & Russell Bookcrafts: Supplier of high quality specialist leathers and materials.
  • Sage's Papers: Pastepapers and pastepaper making kits.
  • Schmedt: German bookbinding supply house. Source of all types of equipment for production and hand binding.
  • Sea Leather Wear: Tanned fish leathers and more.
  • Shepherds Bookbinders: Specializing in craft bookbinding, book restoration and paper conservation. Also a vendor for bookbinding materials, picture framing, fine leathergoods and rare books.
  • NEW Steve Siegel Leather: Siegel Leather has provided the highest quality, best-value products in the bookbinding leather market for nearly 100 years. It is our goal to continue to develop exclusive and otherwise unavailable bookbinding leathers for our clients. Our mail-based business model and sourcing enable us to provide top quality at competitive prices.
  • M. Swift & Sons, Inc.: An international distributor of Swift Gold Leaf and Roll Gold to businesses and individuals. We are also a leading manufacturer of Hot Die Stamping Foils for marking paper, leather, wood, cloth, plastics, and other materials.
  • TALAS: Comprehensive hand bookbinding supplier in New York City. Full service online ordering.
  • Tandy Leather: Leathers for crafts as well as leather working tools and supplies. Slow loading site.
  • Timothy Moore Paper Molds & Bookbinding Tools: High quality papermaking molds and bookbinding tools such as hole punching jigs, sewing frames, plows, and more.
  • University Products: Vendors of conservation and binding materials.
  • NEW Washi Arts: Our sole focus is Japanese papers, tools and supplies for creative artists and businesses. By having this focus we can offer our customers the widest range of papers for a variety of uses. The papers we offer are available in an incredibly wide range of fibers, colors, patterns, weights and sizes.
  • Your Family Legacy: Family heritage and archival scrapbooking supplies to Discover the past, capture the present, and preserve for the future.
  • Zechini: an Italian company offering a wide range of commercial bookbinding and converting machines, specialized assistance, training and after sales support to iits customers.

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