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Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive

Listserv Instructions | Book_Arts-L Archive | Listserv Projects

Founded June 23, 1994, Book_Arts-L is a mailing list based at Syracuse University, and managed by Peter Verheyen. It currently claims almost 3000 subscribers worldwide, among them practicing bookbinders, book-artists, marblers, papermakers, printers, collectors, curators in libraries, and people just interested in our wide and varied field. [For a look back to the early days read Getting us out / Bringing us together: How listservs and the Web have changed the way in which book artists work and communicate, a paper presented at "Hot Type in a Cold World," a symposium celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Silver Buckle Press at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. November 20, 1998.]

All members are free to post anything they feel might be of interest to others. This has included everything from discussions such as what is a book, to technical Q&A, to offerings of services and supplies by vendors. I do ask that subscriber stay "on topic" with regards to the subject matter of the list. I encourage posting notices about services related to the book arts by vendors, exhibition notices, and advertisements of related books for sale, including "fine press" books, especially if available in sheets.

Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. The Permanent Archives with postings from June 16 to the present are hosted at Syracuse University. The earlier archive from 6/1994-6/2009 has been removed. As with any web based resource, the archives are often available on other web sites because of the activities of web robots or other search engines. By subscribing to Book_Arts-L, you acknowledge that you understand any message you post or anything said about you is public information, may be spread over the entire world by way of the world wide web, and that anyone with a web browser may access the Archives. Once archived, messages become part of the historical record of discourse in this field and will not be removed from the archives.

In order to protect the privacy of subscribers, no membership information will be made public, though the posters identity and email address will become part of the permanent record in the list archive.

Postings may not be re-printed in any form without the express consent of the author - Please respect their contributions & �


You are responsible for all postings made by you, or from your account. Please think before you post anything inflammatory which you may regret having posted later on. If it's confidential, do not send. All postings are copyright to their respective poster, but should be thought of as a publication in Book_Arts-L and its Archive. Your post goes to at least 1500 of your closest friends, and all messages are captured for the Archive. Once in the Archive they will not be removed.

In order to protect the privacy of subscribers, no membership information will be made public, though the posters identity and email address will become part of the permanent record in the list archive.

Please stay on topic, no politicing, and avoid unnecessary replies to the entire list. Your local mailhandler REPLY mechanism may direct your message to the entire list or to the person who sent the message to which you are replying. Please be sure you know the difference. You may wish to use FORWARD, MAIL, or SEND rather than using REPLY. Misdirected messages, especially those of a personal nature, are a source of amusement to list members. Please do not to admonish the offender (That's my job). We all make mistakes. Let's just try not to make a habit of it . Besides, it just creates even more annoyance for everyone else. And finally, above all remain civil to each other. Virulent, personal, attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. While I very much believe this list functions well, I will not hesitate to impose cooling of periods (via nopost / review) and for habitual offenders removal.

You can team up with other members to buy together online to save money. Next month there will be a joint purchase of a large package of Vintalin generics.

Please include your name and affiliation (if any) in your message for identification, as email header addresses are often unhelpful. Ask your local guru about "signature files," which automate this function.

Should you change your email address, or if it is changed for you, you must unsubscribe from your old address and resubscribe from your new one. The Listowner can assist you in unsubscribing from your old address but cannot help you sign on. If you have difficulties establishing your subscription, please do let the Listowner know. The subscription process itself is automated.

If you have any questions about the list please contact me directly and I will be happy to help you.

Peter Verheyen, Listmgr.

Listserv Instructions | Top

The subscription process is completely automated. I will not manually add subscribers, but will help you get off if your address has changed... Below you will find all the commands needed to get you subscribed. For your convenience I have highlighted them so all you have to do is cut and paste. When you send your subscription message you will be asked to confirm. After doing so you can issue the other commands such as digest.

For convenience I have listed this commands and others below. If your browser and mail program are both properly configured, clicking on the command will send the correct message to listserv for you, reducing errors and hassles on all our parts. If clicking on the links does not work, copy the command, in red, and send to:

  • To subscribe to Book_Arts-L, send the following message:
    subscribe Book_Arts-L "Yourfirstname Yourlastname"
    You must insert your actual name where it says yourfirstname yourlastname. You will also be asked to confirm your subscription for security reasons, i.e. spam prevention. After completing the subscription process you will receive a message telling you how to change you subscription options.
  • To not receive a copy of your postings send the message:
    set Book_Arts-L mail norepro
    By default subscribers receive copies of their own postings. Use this option if you prefer not to receive copies of what you post. If later on you decide you do want copies of your own postings, send the following message:
    set Book_Arts-L mail repro
  • To postpone your mail, for vacation, send the message:
    set Book_Arts-L nomail
  • To receive a larger message every day or so, instead of many small ones, send the message:
    set Book_Arts-L mail digest
  • To receive your postings again later, send the message:
    set Book_Arts-L mail
    If you received the digest, the correct message would be:
    set Book_Arts-L mail digest
  • To unsubscribe send the message:
    unsub Book_Arts-L

These list commands must be sent to

As proper syntax is important, and if you are unsure about your browser / email setup copy the red text and paste it into the body of your message to listserv.

Please don't ask the list for information on setting options. Those are all above.

To send a message to the list, please address it to Note, you must be subscribed to post.

The Archive | Top

This archive contains all postings after June 16, 2009 and is hosted at Syracuse University, hosts of the Book_Arts-L listserv.

  • Book_Arts-L archive for 16 June 2009 - present
  • Please note that effective 4/2/2019 the archive is accessible to subscribers only. To gain access, click on link above and then using the email you subscribed under register a password towards the right hand side of the page.

The earlier archive with postings from June 1994 to June 2009 has been archived off-line and is no longer available.


Listserv Projects | Top

Liberated Books: This is about a thread of the same name that was started on the Book_Arts-L listserv on March 17. It has continued into April with many interesting tangents debating whether these books should have been conserved, whether or not this kind of thing is appropriate, why people need pre-packaged design elements, altered books, installations, and perhaps ultimately whether (all) books are iconic as some seem to argue.

 link to Bonefolder Extras & link to Bonefolder


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