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Book_Arts-L Gallery

This Gallery represents the work of subscribers to the Book_Arts-L listserv. To have your work included you must be subscribed to the list. For more information please contact Peter Verheyen. Subscribers who do not have website will be given first consideration.

Original Work | Other images

Liz Mitchell


Medium: Nine triangular shaped books are shown in a triangular shaped box with the Plexiglas lid on. The books and bottom box are covered with Guttenberg paper which has been monoprinted with water based inks. Each book contains the individual story of an invented childhood game retold by myself and my eight siblings and is printed on Arches BFK paper. The text is printed using an Epson 2200 printer and archival inks. Each interior page of text is over painted with watercolor pigments, repeating the designs from the outside covers. Like a game of “whispering down the lane” the details of the stories change with each re-telling of the story. The length of the accordion fold in each book changes according to which sibling is telling their version of the story. Dimensions: 19 ¾" Triangle X 1 ¼." Edition of eleven. Created May, 2004. Added 04/21/06.

Earthbound: Dreams of Flight

Medium: Accordion fold book (opened) on flattened box container with box top. Fourteen original collaged and painted linoleum cut prints depicting dream inspired images using Arches watercolor paper as the substrate. Prints are adhered to a black Arches cover paper using archival adhesive. Pages one and two contain a self authored narrative about the relationship between the creative process of dreaming and the creative process of making art. This narrative is printed using an Epson 2200 printer and archival inks. Box 6 7/8" x 6" x 7 ¼," Book 6 1/8" x 6 1/8" x ½” unfolds to 106.” One of a kind book. Created April, 2005. Added 04/21/06.

Darrel Ross

This Altars Things...

These books that are part of a installation of an altar, illuminaria and three cast paper, handmade paper wall icons. The books represent the codex of the diety that is shown. They are all handmade pulled sheets made of grasses, leaves, recycled paper, other natural fibers, with writing and small hand casted medalions. They each rest in a found branch that holds them in a natural cradle. Added 04/21/06.

Kristy Higby

“Red Ghost”

Bookarts / digital text / photography compound concertina binding w/ pop up curly maple wood/photograph/guitar string closure. Dimensions: 4”x24” open, 4”x7” closed. Created 2003 . Added 09/21/03.

Kristy Higby 1 Kristy Higby 2
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Jenny Hogben

'Corrida de Toros'

Bull Fight, called 'Corrida de Toros', using gauche, acrylic paint, photocopied images, collage, coloured pencil and ink. The cover is padded silk, with sequins. The image is of the front cover, and inside the front and back of the book. Added 09/22/03.

Jenny Hogben
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Patrice Baldwin


By Steven Holt. Humankind's attitude and practices concerning what is beautiful have always appeared at the forefront of every culture. From one era to another, these ideas have varied wildly and changed and rechanged time and again, producing some fascinating results for us to study. This 145 page miniature is 2 3/4 X 2 7/8 inches and 1 5/8 inch thick. Hard covered with handmade paper and with a Peruvian shrine imbedded in the front cover. It also has a feminine flurry of white bows along the spine. Bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. This is a signed and numbered edition of 50. Added 09/22/03.

Patrice Baldwin 1
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By Dr. C.R. Chao, Dr. L. Marks, Ms. Amy E. Coon. The subject of medical ethics is touched upon in eight aspects: Fertility, Genetics, Brain Death, Transplants, Research, Nursing, Health Care and Death & Dying. The Hippocratic Oath is the pull-out opening chapter. Fully hand sewn with cut-out chapter titles, a pop-up contents page and 13 illustrations "painted" on the computer. Covers full hand dyed leather,2 3/4 X 2 1/2 inches, 185 pages. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest paper in Caslon type. Bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies. Added 09/22/03.

Patrice Baldwin 2
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By William Markiewicz. The author's amusing reminiscences of his days in Paris. After returning, he finds things have changed... or not. Specially designed cover paper over boards. 2 1/2 x 2 3/4", 44 pages. Pull-out tunnel inside cover. Printed on Neenah Classic Crest paper in Elisia type. Bound at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery by Patrice Baldwin and staff. This is a signed and numbered edition of 55. Added 09/22/03.

Patrice Baldwin 3
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Dorothy Simpson Krause

"Magdalene Laundries"

For 150 years the Sisters of the Magdalene Order in Ireland ran profit-making laundries using girls who were orphaned or illegitimate, had mental, emotional or discipline problems or who had become pregnant, even from rape. Over that time more than 30,000 women were held against their will, given numbers instead of names and used as virtual slave labor. This scandal came to the attention of the public when 133 unmarked graves were discovered on convent property that was sold. The last laundry was closed in 1996. In the hope that nothing similar will ever happen again, this book focuses on that shameful history.

Coptic binding with raised spine, red and black leather with stitching and gold leaf. 6" x 4" x 1.5." Added 09/22/03.

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Roberta Lavadour

"By Day II"

Book: 6.25 (h) x 6.5 (w) X 1 (d) Kaleidoscope: 4" diameter x 5.75 13 handmade paper "pages" housed in glassine pockets that are tipped onto pages bound in a sewn-board binding with handmade paper covered boards. "Pages" are inserted into the end of the kaleidoscope for magnified viewing (detail view of watermarked tule fiber).

Lavadour 1 Lavadour 2
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Mary Taylor

"Book of Hours"

The inspiration for this piece came from a desire to reflect on the way of the cross, (the last hours) while holding something in my hands, similar to a rosary.

"Book of Hours" is a 14-page accordion fold devotional book in a watch case. Both front and back, inside and outside, covers are embellished with decal prints. The concertina coin style pages open to 2" x 28" printed onto translucent paper and backed with silver foil. 2003. Added 09/22/03.

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Yehuda Miklaf

"The Picture of Dorian Gray." By Oscar Wilde.

I had just done a workshop with Philip Smith on feathered onlay. I started with a gouache painting on black paper which I tacked to the wall over the bench as a guide. Using all the little bits of leather that I collected when paring, I put together over 800 of them to make up the picture of the 'ugly' Dorian. I then made a solander case which I painted (mostly airbrush) with the handsome Dorian. Then I made another protective box. Added 9/27/03.

Miklaf 1
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"That's Not the Way"

This is the first artists' book from Shalom Yehuda Press, my private press. I wanted to set and print a book using chance operations (a la John Cage). I chose a story from Cage's collection Indeterminacy and placed the words on the page using chance. I gave the text to my friend Gary Goldstein who drew around the words. I then printed his drawings and he hand coloured each copy in the edition of 14. The binding is transparent vellum. I rendered the vellum transparent and then glued to it a linocut print that I had done, embellished with the footprints of my daughter Shoshi. I then dampened the back of the print and peeled off the paper fiber, leaving only the colour, and used it for the cover of a case binding. Added 9/27/03.

Miklaf 2
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Blemie's Will

Written by Eugene O'Neill to comfort his wife on the death of their Dalmatian Silverdene Emblem O'Neill. This edition was published by David Kotin and printed by Gelnn Goluska, and I chose to bind it for an exhibition in Canada. It was my first transparent vellum binding. I painted the dog with India ink and white acrylic and the butterflies (taken from the watermark in the handmade paper) with ink and gouache. I painted over the whole thing with a gray gouzche background. When I glued the vellum to the boards, the gouache pigment kept the vellum from adhering and it had a loose feel that made me uncomfortable. I removed the cover and threw the vellum into a bucket of water. The next morning I removed it and dried it under pressure. The gouache was completely gone but the colours on the butterflies had lightly stained the vellum, leaving a result which was much more attractive than the original. Added 9/27/03.

Miklaf 3
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Justin S. Miller


Bound is sewn on three split leather thongs and covered with cotton cloth and includes an inlaid print. This is a collection of fifteen 2" x 2.5" intaglio prints of bound objects and animals. Each print is sewn onto the page, and incorperates silk organza or cotton cloth sewn over or under the image. The pages are then sewn together at the fore edge with a variety of techniques. Added 10/3/03.

Miller 2 Miller 1 Miller 3
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Margaret Lammerts

"Ice-cream Book"

The ice-cream book was inspired by the dixie cup I had just eaten and thought I could fashion the spoon into a spine. Added 10/20/03.

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"Wooden Books"

The other wooden books are made from Canary wood. They are small, maybe 4x5 inches. My other book with the wooden spine with "margaret" on the spine was not sewn into the pages, but just spine, prior to binding. The original idea didn't pan out... once the holes were drilled.... oh well. Added 10/20/03.

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"Red and Blue Books"

The red and blue books feature a hinge, which is fashioned first, prior to sewing the edge. Handmade paper and some nice Japanese papers were used. Added 10/20/03.

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Dorothy Africa

The picture is of a medieval pocket calendar in runes from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK. It is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. The middle register shows Dominical Days (a system for the days of the week), the top is for the lunar calendar and the bottom is Holy Days.

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