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Letterpress & Printmaking Resources

See also "Fine Presses"

Letterpress Listserv (Archives...)

  • Alphabets, Inc., Peter Fraterdeus' digital type foundry.
  • American Printing History Association
  • Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI): World-wide organization dedicated to type and typography.
  • Bird Press: The work of Thorsten Dennerline. Site offers tutorials on printmaking techniques as well as many examples of his work. You can see other examples of his work in the Book Arts Gallery.
  • Bixler's: Letterpress and type foundry of Michael and Winifred Bixler in Skaneateles, NY
  • Don Black Linecasting: Specialists in  Letterpress, Hot Metal & Bindery Equipment. In Canada.
  • Blue Barnhouse: A traditional letterpress studio and bindery where everything we make is crafted by hand, using quality archival materials and the time tested methods of letterpress printing and bookbinding.
  • Boss Dog Press: Don Rash's press publishing the writings of Fritz Eberhardt, about Loyd Haberly's tools, and most recently Peter Verheyen's translation of Ernst Collin's Der Pressbengel as The Bone Folder.
  • Boxcar Press :: Book Arts: Fine letterpress printing, photopolymer supplies, and more.
  • The Briar Press: Elizabeth Nevins' homepage with letterpress resources and related clipart.
  • Bridge Press: Limited edition artist's books published by Brian D. Cohen.
  • Inge Bruggeman / INK-A! Press: Book Artist and Letterpress Printer.
  • Canadian Private Presses | Les Presses Particulière Canadiennes : From the National Library of Canada.
  • Contemporary Woodburytype Prints: Images and process overview by Nicolai Klimaszewski.
  • Convivio Bookworks / Red Wagon Limited Edition Letterpress: Books and broadsides are printed and bound by hand by John Cutrone and Seth Thompson. In Lake Worth, FL.
  • Crazy Diamond Design: Historical digital fonts.
  • The Dale Guild: one of few establishments in the world equipped for the production of letterpress printing type from artwork through matrix engraving and foundry casting. The foundry was formed in 1994 by Theo Rehak, the last person trained at the historic American Type Founders Company. Since then, the Guild has strived to continue the legacy of ATF by cutting and casting type with machinery originally used at the company, maintaining their standards of quality throughout.
  • A Disagreeably Facetious Type Glossary: Published by Microsoft.
  • DRUKsel: Een beurs van aparte boekenmakers, kleine uitgevers en bibliofiele drukkers. The meeting point for bibliophile printers in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Fiji Island Mermaid Press: The Fiji Island Mermaid Press has produced 10 tiny books thus far, and each is illustrated and described in a section of the Fiji Island Mermaid Press homepage.
  • Fingers to the Bone/Shu-Ju Wang: Paintings, drawings, prints, artists books, custom design and printing for invitations and promotional materials. Shu-Ju is also the publisher of Pudding, the Gocco Print Proof Magazine.
  • Flatbed Press and Gallery
  • Foolscap Press: Fine press books by Peggy Gotthold and Lawrence Van Velzer.
  • Gocco Discussion Group: At Yahoo groups.
  • Gutenberg Homepage: All about Gutenberg. In German.
  • Handpress: Printing page of Richard-Gabriel Rummonds.
  • Horton Tank Graphics: Art Larson's Horton Tank Graphics is dedicated to continuing the tradition of fine letterpress printing. Horton Tank exemplifies this tradition in the high quality of the work done for our clients, in the use of the best traditional practices, and in the training of the next generation of letterpress printers. Services include custom letterpress printing, project management, and teaching.
  • Incline Press: Handmade book for the reader who collects and the collector who reads.
  • Intima Press: Mindy Belloff's fine press artist's book site.
  • Iron Bear Press: Publishers of limited edition letterpress books, artist's books, and miniature books.
  • Kennedy Prints! A Letterpress Printery: Amos Paul Kennedy's site for posters and other provocatively inspiring art. See also the documentary PROCEED AND BE BOLD! about Amos and his work. More info about the film here.
  • KernType: a kerning game. Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this activity kerning. Your solution will be compared to typographer's solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it.
  • Letterpress resources and International Monotype Memory Project.
  • Linotype & Linotipisti: The description and the history of the Linotype and its inventor. All the models of linotype the Americans, English, Germans, Italians and Intertype. In Italian.
  • Mackenzie & Harris (M&H Type): Established in 1915, is the oldest and largest type foundry in the United States. Also known historically as M & H Type, it keeps current with printing technology by offering digital typography as well as traditional lead typecasting and Monotype composition. The company is associated with Arion Press, fine printers and publishers of deluxe limited-edition books.
  • Russell Maret: type designer and private press printer working in New York City. He began printing in San Francisco as a teenager before apprenticing with Peter Koch in Berkeley and Firefly Press in Somerville, Massachusetts. He set up his own press at the Center for Book Arts, New York in 1993 and has been printing and publishing ever since. See his blog here.
  • Emily Martin and the Naughty Dog Press
  • The Book Art of Michael McCurdy
  • Metal Type: The place for Printers and Typesetters who remember the old days of "Hot Metal" to come and reminisce.
  • Midnight Paper Sales: Online presence of Gaylord Schanilec, printer & wood engraver.
  • MoonTree Arts: Located in Brooklyn, New York. All letterpress work is printed by hand on cylinder press. Our original designs are inspired by nature, with attention to clean lines and crisp impression.
  • Moving Parts Press: Moving Parts Press has published handsome and innovative books, broadsides and prints under the direction of Felicia Rice since 1977.
  • The Museum of Printing History: In Houston, TX.
  • Mystical Place Press: Publisher of fine miniatures that celebrate the "spirit and aesthetics of the natural environment.
  • Never Mind the Press: The imprint of Alisa Golden
  • P22 Inc.: Quality digital typefaces and typography resources.
  • Pen Prints: specializes in hand crafted books, boxes, and other Fine Art.
  • Peter and Donna Thomas: Miniature books, fine press books, artists books, and handmade paper.
  • Peter Koch Printer: Custom Design and Printing
  • Photopolymer Letterpress Printing Plates: Makers of professional Photopolymer Letterpress Printing Plates from your negatives or from your art and digital typesetting. We have been making Photopolymer Letterpress Printing Plates for 10 years and know how to do it and do it well. In Chico, CA.
  • Polymetaal Printmaking Equipment: etching presses, litho presses, hot plates, relief presses, intaglio presses, acid trays etc.
  • Press Intermezzo: Randolph Bertin's press specializing in publishing noteworthy texts in fine editions at an affordable price. Press Intermezzo falls somewhere between Thomas B. Mosher and the Nonesuch Press.
  • Print Alliance: A consortium of non-profit printmakers' councils in the United States and Canada.
  • PrinterSpace: Commercial printing page with numerous resources.
  • M. Russem Book Design: We learned to make books the old-fashioned way: one letter at a time. We also know how to turn on a computer. Because we’ve had our fingers and faces in ye olde metal type, we know that letters aren’t just pictures of things. They are things. We treat things with respect. Better still: We treat readers with respect.
  • Scripps College Press Book Arts Program: Letterpress printing and book making program led by Kitty Maryatt at Scripps College
  • Sesame Lettering: Letterpress shop that strives to create art on paper. In Brooklyn, NY.
  • Sherwin Beach Press: Established in 1984 this Chicago small fine press specializes in nonfiction prose
  • Silver Buckle Press: A working museum of letterpress printing dedicated to preserving the craft of fine printing. The Silver Buckle Press is part of the General Library System, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP): An artists book press at Florida State University’s Facility for Arts Research (FAR) in Tallahassee, Florida. Our mission is to enable artists and scholars to create artists book editions that push the boundaries and traditions of the book arts.
  • Speakeasy Press: Letterpress printing, binding, and papermaking. In Tuscaloosa, AL.
  • Sutton Hoo Press: is a literary fine press named after the famous Anglo-Saxon archaeological dig of a royal ship burial. The name signals our editorial mission: to bring to light the work of promising young writers and poets, as well as to publish work by well-known authors, in order to define exacting standards of writing in contemporary fiction and poetry in handsomely designed limited editions.
  • Studio Dalwood: Studio Dalwood is an enterprise owned and operated by contemporary printmaker and installation artist, Josephine Severn. The site contains past and present artworks and links to the Print Australia site.
  • Tryst Press: A full-time fine press publishing house with a number of related services such as type design and wood engraving supplies. Most of our editions are available in custom and edition bindings and in sheets.
  • TypeBooks is a bibliography of type, design, calligraphy and related books.
  • Typofile Magazine
  • Vandercook Press.Info: A resource for information on Vandercook Proof Presses
  • Virgin Wood Type: Carving end-grain maple into type since 2010. We've built a reputation for making high quality wood type for letterpress printers around the world. We offer pantograph-cut wood type in a variety of font schemes and sizes. Our typeface selection is a growing combination of designs from original American Wood Type patterns, revived and redesigned victorian faces, and brand new faces never before cut into wood.
  • The Wai-te-ata Press: A centre for research, lectures, demonstrations, and practical applications in printing history, information technology and design, communication theory, and cultural studies. They are located at Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • George Walker: Wood engraver and book artist.
  • Warwick Press: In 1973, Warwick Press opened its doors to provide fine letterpress printing and custom designs.
    Since then our services have been in demand by princes & poets, paupers & puppets and the aesthetically-minded fowl. Whether it's books or business cards, our designs are sure to please the most discriminating customer. Carol J. Blinn's studio in Easthampton, MA.
  • Jim Westergard: Wood engraver.
  • Woodburytype Resource Site: Invented in the 1860's and used only for a few decades, Woodburytype is an obsolete photomechanical process originally developed to create true continuous-tone images.

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