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Der Sprungrücken || The Springback Account Book

The beauty of this style is that is for books meant to be written in and which, therefore, must lie flat at any place the book is open. Blankbook binding is one of the principal subdivisions of STATIONERY BINDING and differs greatly from the other major nit of binding, LETTERPRESS BINDING . One of the major differences is that blankbooks, or account books, as they are also called, are rounded but not backed, having instead a SPRING-BACK , which, in conjunction with the LEVERS , causes the spine of the book to "spring" up when the book is opened, thus giving full access to the gutter of the opposing pages. The best blankbook binding is very durable, with sewing on wide bands of webbing, rather than tapes, the ends of which are secured between split boards. The books also have heavy linings and strongly reinforced endpapers, called "joints" in a blankbook. In addition, it is not unusual for the folios to be sewn first to heavy cloth guards before being sewn to the webbings. Additional strength is sometimes imparted by hubs on the spine (which also protect the lettering) and bands either over or blankbook frame under the covering material. Although formerly always covered in leather, many blankbooks are now covered in heavy duck or canvas. Called "account-book binding" in Great Britain. (58 , 320 , 339 , 343 ). 

Description from Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. <

Interactive Cutaway

Use mouse to point to the area you would like to have identified. The binding style being described here is a German-style "springback" account book. Instructions for making this style of binding may be found here soon...

springbackposter.jpg (69802 bytes)
The technique was shown as a poster at the Guild of Book Workers 2002 Standards of Excellence Seminar in Minneapolis, MN, and the focus of a two-day workshop taught by Peter Verheyen and Donia Conn for the Guild's New England Chapter in May of 2003. It will be taught by Peter Verheyen at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts September 6-7, 2003.

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